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Industry Network Updates
On 03.20.2012

Alabama Association of Nonprofits
The AAN Career Center has exceeded 800 online resumes posted.
On 03.08.2012

The Independent Distributors Association
( has launched the IDA Report an online industry newsletter.

About Us

Profari Network, Inc.
Profari Network was incorporated in 2006. Initially, we developed consumer related insurance directories and added our business products in late 2010.

We began adding association partners in early 2011 and have worked closely with them over the past year to perfect our process and use their important feedback to develop the best programs for member-based organizations and the companies wanting to advertise to the association's members.

Corporate Values
"It's not about seeing how much a vendor will pay for advertising but providing the vendor with value through affordable advertising. Providing value protects the important relationship between the association and vendor community."

-- Mike S. Jones, President
Profari Network, Inc.

Our Commitment
It is our commitment to provide our advertising customers with quality products that increase your presence and exposure to real, targeted audiences. We strive to enhance your ability to communicate with the association network members.


Our Goal

It is our goal to provide companies with the most affordable and direct methods of advertising.